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  The Company  

Andros Inc. is a manufacturer of custom profile gears, gearboxes, and precision machined components. Through the use of the latest manufacturing and inspection techniques we provide a complete one stop, economical solution for all your gearing and precision machining needs.

  Our Motto: Pride, Quality, Service  

Pride in our well-earned reputation for finding solutions for our customers.
Quality is our hallmark.
Nothing leaves our shop unless it conforms exactly to our customer's expectations.
Service is what it's all about.
We stand by our products from beginning to end and we support you, our customer, before and
AFTER we deliver your parts.

  Flexibility & Our People  

In today's fast moving and ever changing world, having the flexibility to adapt quickly to change is essential. At Andros, we understand this so we have not only invested in some of the latest manufacturing equipment but have invested in our people as well.
   By remaining up to date with the latest manufacturing techniques through trade publications, training seminars and memberships in key industry associations, our people are always up to speed on the state of the art.
   By maintaining a current knowledge base we can react quickly to whatever changes our customers may demand of us in mid-stream or in the future.

Please take a moment or two to browse our website. We feel it will give you a good sense of who we are, what we do, and what our values are. We'd appreciate any comments or questions about the site and /or its content and look forward to being able to service you and your company in the very near future.