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Andros Inc.is your one-stop gear manufacturing solution. We are equipped to manufacture Spur, Helical, Worm, Internal, Sprockets, Racks and Straight Bevel gears and are also able to supply competitively priced Spiral Bevel Gears in small or large lots.

  Types of Gears Manufactured  
  •  Spur
  •  Sprockets

  •  Helical
  •  Spiral Bevel
  •  Worm
  •  Straight Bevel
  • Internal
  • Racks
  •   Ground Gears  

    Our Niles ZSTZ 630-C Gear Grinder allows us to manufacture spur and helical gears up to
    AGMA 12 for higher speed and load applications.

      Gear Boxes  

    Our staff is ready to assist you in all aspects of gearbox fabrication, from design to manufacturing,
    we can assist you in developing the gearbox solution that’s right for you.

      Industries Already Served  

    We are proud to be a succesful partner to our customers in such various industries as:

  •  Mining
  •  Hydraulic
    ... to name a few.
  •  Pulp & Paper
  •  Machine Tools
  •  Printing
  •  Marine/Military
  •  Agricultural & Farm Equipment
  •  Railway systems