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At the heart of any manufacturing company’s operation is its quality control system.
Anyone can purchase machinery and turn out parts but how do you know that those parts are
what you asked for? At Andros, three elements assure you that what you get is what you required.


  1. Our Manufacturing Process  

Our company’s manufacturing process is ISO 9002 certified. Every process associated with manufacturing your part is documented and controlled by the employee who performed the operation.

Our system has empowered our employees to take pride and responsibility in their work by making them directly accountable for processes that they perform.

  2. Latest Inspection Equipment  

We are equipped with some of the latest inspection equipment which is segragated in our quality control room where all parts are re-verified by our inspector.

  3. Tailored Quality Plan  

Finally, we allow you the customer to mandate what specific areas of your work you would like
verified and how often you would like it verified.

With that information we build a Quality Plan tailored to your specific needs which, at the end of
the process, produces a Quality Assurance Report that certifies that the work was done according
to your specifications.